Newly Adopted

Katie (Rusty) 

She came to us 3 years ago and was adopted out to the sweetest older man with his little shihtzu Zoe! I got a devastating email the other day that he had passed away, my heart sank as I remember him well and kept in contact with him for the longest time.

It would always make me smile when I saw him share our posts or comment under one saying how much he loved the dogs he adopted from us! Recently Ive noticed I haven’t seen those comments and I feel guilty that I didnt check in on him just to say hey how are you?

Im so thankful his daughter reached out and asked us to take her back and find her a new home! It was a bittersweet moment when We got her back we shared some memories we had with her dad, some laughs and a few tears! I think she remembered us after all this time she stayed by our sides for the past few days!

Tonight she found a wonderful family and I wish her the best! I will always have her first Wisconsin daddy in my heart!

Love you sweet Katie (Rusty) enjoy your life and walks by the lake!

Adoption Fees

Fees are important to keep the rescue going and for the health of our animals.  All adoption fees cover: heartworm testing, spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping, deworming and FIV/FELV testing.

Fees are as follows:
Puppies 8 weeks to 1 year: $350
Dogs 1 to 6 years: $250
Dogs 7 years and older: $100
Cats of all ages are just $80

Adoption Process

To make the adoption process as smooth as possible please complete the following in addition to your application:

1) Call your veterinarian and let them know we will be calling to check records- give them the okay to release that information to Frosty’s. 

2) If you rent- please talk and get permission from them first. Figure out if you have additional fees. Also let them know we will be calling to verify.

3) Make sure all members of the house are on board and willing to accept another family member in to the home.