Frosty's Dream

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Frosty’s Fosters Animal Rescue, lnc. is a non-profit foster based rescue. We currently have 40 foster homes throughout Wisconsin. We take in both cats and dogs. Most of the dogs we get are from high volume shelters with high euthanasia rates we also take in local surrenders. Most of the cats we take in are from local farms and shelters.

Our goal for Frosty’s is to buy land to have an on-site facility where the founders of Frosty’s would reside on the property. This would allow for 24 hour care for the animals housed there. We would love for the public to help volunteer with caring for the adoptable animals whether it be cleaning, socializing, grooming, playing with or walking. This is a wonderful experience for both the animals and the people involved.

We will not have the typical shelter set up with cages. We want our dogs to be housed in a room like setting with furniture a rug, toys bones and comfort items. We will have several different play yards outside for them to either have time by themselves or with a buddy or two to run with. There will be a swimming, lounging and agility area to meet the exercise needs of our dogs. Walking paths with benches and shade throughout the property for our volunteers to take our dogs out for walks, runs, and one on one bonding time.

Our cats would be housed in cage free rooms so they can mingle with other cats.  There will be windows, shelving, cat trees, toys and a seating area for people to relax with our felines. We would provide plenty of stimulation to keep them busy and active.  We love to help with special needs and seniors who tend to be the less desirable ones.  There will be separate rooms for seniors, FeIV, FIV, kittens and special needs cats.  Our cats who do not enjoy the company of other feline friends would have a small room to themselves away from the other commotion to remain as stress free as possible.

Our facility would offer separate isolation rooms for intake, sick and healing animals.  Rooms available for pregnant and nursing moms would be provided as well where they can be away from the other animals.

We will have several meet n greet areas for potential adoptive families to meet with or available animals to get one on one time with them to get a good feel for how they may fit into their lifestyle. At this time our adoption coordinators can go over everything we know about this said animal to assist in finding the perfect match.

Frosty’s would also have a barn cat program where we can safely house outdoor cats in a large indoor outdoor enclosed area where feral cats can reside safely until a barn home is found or live its life our with us.

With having this land the numbers of animals we can help would rise as we would also like to keep our wonderful foster families involved and continuing to foster for us as well as expanding in that area.