Featured Pets: Micky and Bella!

Micky is a 2 year old male. He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to snuggle with his people and his dog friends. Mostly snuggles with Bella, whom he is bonded with. Likes other dogs his size. He is very timid with new people and will shy away. Once he has you figured out, look out, here he comes! He is doing well with potty training on a pad and has started going outside now too. We believe both him and Bella were not outside much before they came here. He also loves to go exploring outside. Walks well with a harness and leash. Large dogs scare both of them and cats have not been an issue so far.
Bella is a 1 year old female. She is a HUGE snuggler also! Once she has you figured out, you are golden! Bonded with Micky. She is also timid around new people. She is still working on potty pad training. Will have one or two accidents a day unless you keep her on a schedule. She does enjoy being outside in the sun and rolling around in the grass. Going on walks scares her still. She walks better with Micky around. Also uses a harness and leash.
Both dogs love to play with each other and people. They look like little greyhounds when they get the zoomies. These two are quite the pair ❤️ They give unconditional love, snuggles and fun.

Coming Soon! Watch for updates.

Our Mission

Here at Frosty’s Fosters Animal Rescue, we are driven by a single goal; to save as many pets as we can.  We hope one day to be able to build a facility to house more animals that need our help and to make a positive impact on those around us. Through our network of fosters and volunteers we work to gather donations, re-home animals and spay and neuter both feral and barn cats in our area.  Our work is helping animals in need and building families.  We rely on the communities we live in to help us reach our goals and through these goals we work to make our communities stronger.